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Danske Fysioterapeuter – the Association of Danish Physiotherapists – was founded in 1918. The object of the association is to safeguard the professional and financial interests of its members, which is reflected in the fact that, in addition to being a trade union with the right to negotiate on behalf of physiotherapists with the state, the counties and municipalities, etc., the association is also a professional association with great influence on the development of the profession and the legislation in its area.

The association is divided into 5 regions plus Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. All regions have an elected regional chairman, an elected regional committee and a regional office.

The Committee of Representatives is the highest authority of the association. It consists of members elected from the regions in proportion to the number of members in each district.

The Executive Committee is elected by and from the representatives for a period of two years. The Executive Council is responsible for the management of the association between the meetings of the Committee of Representatives.

The president of the association is elected directly by proxy vote by and from the members of the Associations of Danish Physiotherapists for a period of 4 years. The president is also the chairman of the Executive Committee.

The Secretariat of Danske Fysioterapeuter is located centrally in Copenhagen. The Secretariat employs over 45 people: physiotherapists, legal experts, office staff, journalists etc.

The association participates in various negotiation associations in the area of public employment. These negotiation associations negotiate the general and more overall terms for public employees. The association is affiliated to the Salaried Employees and Civil Servants‘ association (Funktionærernes og Tjenestemændenes Fællesråd, FTF) and is active internationally in, among other organisations, WCPT (World Confederation for Physical Therapy) as well as in European co-operation

Association of Danish Physiotherapists
Holmbladsgade 70
DK-2300 København S
Tel.: (+45) 33414620
Fax: (+45) 33414614
Email: fysio@fysio.dk

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